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Equivalent amounts donated so far

On Makerble we have a lifestyle based checkout where you can decide how much you want to give by choosing from fun familiar amounts.


x637 Cappuccino - £3 each


x121 Cinema ticket - £10 each


x6 Round of Drinks - £15 each


x20 Gym fee - £20 each

And counting...

Highlights of the change made

On Makerble we have Change Badges for every kind of impact a charity project can make so you can collect the difference you're making on your profile.


597 Medical Supplies Purchased


563 First Aid Items


315 Workshop Attendees


306 Young People Taught First Aid

With even more to come...

How you help

Within every cause are transparent organisations run by passionate people making inspiring projects happen. Find the projects which are close to your heart then give what you can afford to help them change our world. An amount each month enables projects to continue improving. Start by giving an amount you won't really miss, such as £3, the price of a cappuccino!

A Selection of Our Projects

Saving young lives by taking medical care to the remote villages, where the need is greatest.

Provide more coaching hours for extra football and boxing sessions, help towards the cost of mini bus hire to away matches and trips. Extend education and development opportunities offered to young people.

Enabling vulnerable people to gain confidence, self-esteem and skills

Performance opportunities for young people - open door access. Mostly through involvement in National Theatre Connections 500.

200 mosquito nets will protect up to 600 children from being bitten at night.


Own the difference you're making!

This will be your Makerble profile: showing you the projects you're supporting, how much you're giving, the change being made and frontline stories telling you what's happening thanks to your help.
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