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The Story So Far On Makerble

What People Have Given

On Makerble we have a lifestyle based checkout where you can decide how much you want to give by choosing from fun familiar amounts.


x387 Cappuccino - £3 each


x59 Cinema ticket - £10 each


x8 Gym fee - £20 each

And counting...

Some of the Impact It Has Made

On Makerble we have Change Badges for every kind of impact a charity project can make so you can collect the difference you're making on your profile.


597 Medical Supplies Purchased


563 First Aid Items


299 Exercise Books Purchased


235 Workshop Attendees

With even more to come...

A Selection of Our Projects

Ten in a Bed is a workshop and performance project made with and for small children and their families to develop storytelling, creativity and language skills.

Leading up to a high level Commonwealth summit, the Kaleidoscope Trust is aims to put focus on the rights of LGBT Commonwealth citizens.

Help us to mentor young people impacted by parental addiction

We run 12 step meetings using a modified version of the successful model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

For young people, by young people

This project provides a permanent library for a rural community in Malawi