Makerble is a management tool which motivates teams to improve their impact Our mission is to help you change the world faster

Double your team's productivity. Cut your reporting time in half.

Data collection. Made enjoyable.

Makerble gives people instant gratification whenever they log the impact they are making
You can track the impact that every campaign, project and team member makes on your beneficiaries, society or the environment

Tailor Makerble to fit the impact your organisation makes

Organisations using Makerble include charities, social enterprises, foundations and businesses. How It Works:


Every campaign, project or programme you run can be a Project

Impact Metrics

This is our term for outputs, outcomes and indicators


The people who benefit from a project (i.e. Beneficiaries)


Stories are how your team members record the progress they make towards your impact

Awarded, Supported and Reported by

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Posted: 15 days ago


  • Liberty Bank is a bank that encourages staff to volunteer

  • Staff volunteer with local projects...

Posted: about 1 month ago

Just by talking to a young boy who had been recruited by a militant organisation and was preparing to carry out a suicide bombing, he saved the life of the...

Posted: about 1 month ago

Peace Direct are an amazing international peacebuilding charity that support local communities in stopping war and building lasting peace.

We want to...

Have a closer look at the dashboard

Welcome to the Makerble Impact Tracker being used by the imaginary nonprofit, Change The World International, to make a difference to people's lives. Explore the impact dashboard for yourself.

There are 5 different interactive sections that help track the impact of your charity!

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