MAKERBLE Impact Tracker THE easiest way to collect, collate and communicate your impact

FREE your teams to spend more time changing the world and less time filling in paperwork and spreadsheets

Discover how Makerble can help you accelerate your impact

Makerble Impact Tracker makes it easy to organise your projects, track your progress, connect with colleagues and communicate your impact. Our user-friendly interface is designed so you can work smarter and change the world faster.

Makerble has more features than you think

Makerble is a sophisticated database that has been designed to feel as easy to use as social media. Rather than making data entry about boring reports and templates, it is based around Stories which your staff and volunteers can tag with the Beneficiaries they work with and the progress made towards your Impact.


Any campaign, project or programme you run can be a Project

Impact Metrics

This is our term for outputs, outcomes and indicators


The people who benefit from a project (i.e. Beneficiaries)


Stories are how your team members record the progress they make towards your impact

Awarded, Supported and Reported by

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