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Impact Tracker: Before & After

We understand the importance of tracking the impact your charity is making. We also understand that sometimes that is a time-consuming, confusing and stressful task.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Today we will show you how you can track your impact quickly and easily using Makerble’s Impact Tracker. Let’s divide it into 3 C’s: Collect, Collate and Communicate.





What's it like to be a CEO of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise

At Makerble we've spent the last three years talking to hundreds of charities and yet we've never shared what we've learnt or the stories of their battles and passion. To kick us off with our new marketing work we've done a fun #empathyexercise and put together some fictional case studies. Here's our first. It features Leanne, a fictional CEO and founder of a small charity. 


What's it like to be a Project Manager of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise

After Leanne and Amy today we will share the story of Richard, our fictional Project Manager.


Introduction: Richard, 26 years old, joined the charity four years ago as a volunteer. Then a job opening in fundraising came up and when the project manager left, he was promoted to become the new Project Manager. He is a fast learner, he cares about making real change in the world and he is happy to have been promoted so early.




What's it like to be a Head of Monitoring & Evaluation of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise

Today we will introduce you our fictional Head of Monitoring & Evaluation: Liam.


Introduction: Liam is the Head of Monitoring & Evaluation at a large charity. He has worked as an independent consultant doing monitoring & evaluation projects around the world so is now excited to have a desk job for a while so he can be around for his son.


Daily Routine: He is responsible for designing and im....


What's it like to be a Head of IT of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise

Diana is our fictional Head of IT and here we delve into her story...


Introduction: Diana is in her fifties. She has been at a large charity for five years and currently she is the Head of IT. She enjoys letting people realise the potential that technology offers whether it’s to do with computers, digital equipment or the internet.


Daily Routine: She manages her team of people inside the charity ....


What's it like to be a Head of Programmes of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise

After the success of Leanne’s story, our fictional CEO, today we are sharing the story of Amy, a passionate for animals rights and Head of Programmes.


Who? Amy, 53, has been working in charities for the last 20 years, dedicating her time and attention to improve animals’ welfare.

Day to Day: She splits herself between three major areas: fundraising, reporting to donors and managing project m....


#startwithwhy Campaign

Work is hard. Nowadays, we seem to be running all the time and trying to keep up with all the changes happening in the world and in our workplace. Much of the time, we end up doing the same things everyday, every week. When we finally stop and ask ourselves: “Why am I doing this?”, we realise we don’t have the answer for that. In the middle of all the running, we realise that the passion for our work is gone. Or, sometimes, we’ve been doing the same thing for so lo....