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Case Study: The Makerble Journey with Sutton CVS

Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (SCVS) is a membership organisation that supports, develops and promotes the voluntary sector in the London borough of Sutton. They provide services for around 300 voluntary and community groups of varying size and scope.

CEO Alison Navarro first became involved with Makerble last year because she was frustrated with “clunky” impact measurement frameworks. At the time, their processes d....


International Development User Case


  • Educate Together (ET) are a charity founded in 2012 with headquarters in London.

  • It has been helping the life of children and adults in one of the poorest districts in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • They run 3 projects, one of which is the All4One Seamstress  project which is a new apprenticeship scheme  that supports young women with limited employment opportunities into ap....


Corporate Volunteering User Case


  • Liberty Bank is a bank that encourages staff to volunteer

  • Staff volunteer with local projects but increasingly with social enterprises, schools and other volunteering opportunities that the staff discover

  • Of the 100,000 staff across the bank, 30,000 have volunteered once in the last year

  • There are hundreds of volunteering opportunities that staff have taken part in

  • ....


The Story of Badar

Just by talking to a young boy who had been recruited by a militant organisation and was preparing to carry out a suicide bombing, he saved the life of the boy, along with countless others.

“When I got into University, I felt very happy. I could hang out with friends till late and listen to music and go to restaurants. Meanwhile, one of my friends recommended to me training by Aware Girls. When I went there and saw a young woma....


A Conversation with Peace Direct

Peace Direct are an amazing international peacebuilding charity that support local communities in stopping war and building lasting peace.

We want to help them track what they are working towards achieving, so we met up with them to talk about what they do, why they do it and how they track their global impact.


When you think about how you make a change in those really difficult environments, what does change look like?

PD: I....


Engineers Without Borders Case Study

Recently we’ve been working with Engineers without Borders UK, they mobilise engineering students and graduates to volunteer around the world.

These lucky students work on projects that create, maintain and rethink essential infrastructure that improves lives all over the world. Engineers Without Borders inspires children in the UK to become engineers and encourages engineering companies to adopt responsible, sustainable business practices.

Although Engineers Wit....


New Video Series: How To Use Makerble

We have put together a library of videos designed to help you make the most of Makerble.

Take a look and if there's a feature you'd like us to explain further, let us know and we'll create a video for that too!

Explore the series