Makerble for Companies

Looking to donate a portion of your company’s profits? We’ll find projects that reflect your corporate values and provide a platform to visualise your impact.

  • Select from the projects currently online or engage our team to source a project that supports your company’s mission and values.
  • Be kept updated on the impact your chosen project(s) achieve.
  • Receive a digital record of the impact your donation has made. The record is sharable with customers and stakeholders, driving greater awareness of the good work you’re doing.

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Looking to engage your workforce in charitable giving? Celebrate your employee’s contributions and boost company culture.

  • Support your employees to support the charitable causes that matter to them.
  • Employees’ contributions are celebrated via project updates and a digital record of the impact their money has achieved.
  • Your company is celebrated, with a digital record of the collective impact your workforce achieves.
  • Create Collections of projects for your employees to choose to donate to, or let them have free pick of all projects – celebrating their interests.
  • You can choose to further support and celebrate their donations through match-funding.
  • Makerble supports employee uptake of the scheme by providing communications materials for your company.
  • Makerble celebrates employees involvement by connecting them to the people behind the projects and brokering volunteering opportunities.
  • There are no big set-up costs or time commitments - we just want to get people donating!

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