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University based business plan competition, providing seed funding, mentorship and business development support

Enabling people in recovery from addiction to gain confidence, self-esteem and skills

Help 72,000 smallholder farmers and herders better manage the impacts of drought.

5 a day: acts of kindness to change classroom culture

Providing phone support to isolated and lonely older people living with HIV throughout the country.

Ten in a Bed is a workshop and performance project made with and for small children and their families to develop storytelling, creativity and language skills.

Send Boob Teams to Universities to raise awareness of breast cancer

Gardening and food growing programmes for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Stay & Play Session's for families of children with additional needs (0-4yrs)

Art support group for women who have been the survivors of human trafficking.

Low paid employees in London need to be paid the Living Wage

Performance opportunities for young people - open door access. Mostly through involvement in National Theatre Connections 500.

This project provides a permanent library for a rural community in Malawi

Providing indivualised, tailored one-to-one support to hard to reach young people enabling them to grow, develop and achieve.

Take the under 12's through the age groups over the next 5 years and beyond by developing an under 12 squad of up to 16 players to compete in the Tandridge League for the coming 15/16 season.

Help transform unused spaces in London.

Providing a safe space for young people to enjoy and make their own, and be supported and encouraged by the team of positive role models.

Your generosity will help provide treatments for low income families. This enables the continuation and expansion of an extremely valued service for children with a variety of health issues.

Access and inclusion to the arts in the community

Our business clinics are a wonderful way of bringing together support and beneficiaries face-to-face through exchanging of skills.

Help provide the most vulnerable asylum seekers with the necessary legal aid they need to rebuild their lives, safe from the fear of persecution

Help prisoners develop vital life skills to help them fit back into society when they are released

200 mosquito nets will protect up to 600 children from being bitten at night.

Help young people to thrive beyond cancer.

Help the migrant and labour intensive community to educate their children

You will provide care to injured wildlife such as hedgehogs so they can go back to living in the wild

Support the printing costs of the How to Build Your own Domestic Violence Case Without A Lawyer guide, as well as international distribution to NGOs, aid organisations, and shelter homes in Europe, North America and Middle East

You will enable communities in resource-poor settings to access training and information that can improve their health and wellbeing.

Provide more coaching hours for extra football and boxing sessions, help towards the cost of mini bus hire to away matches and trips. Extend education and development opportunities offered to young people.

Help investigators carry out valuable work looking into miscarriages of justice

Saving young lives by taking medical care to the remote villages, where the need is greatest.

Project Hello World works to provide under-privileged children and adults in Africa with resilient, outdoor, solar powered, internet-connected computer stations called Hello Hubs.

You will send a team of experts to schools to run workshops and presentations to educate young people about breast cancer.

Give a young person in prison 6 hours of group life coaching, followed by 6 hours of one-to-one sessions

We run 12 step meetings using a modified version of the successful model of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

You will help to deliver a food education program for disabled young people aged 16-25

Leading up to a high level Commonwealth summit, the Kaleidoscope Trust is aims to put focus on the rights of LGBT Commonwealth citizens.

For young people, by young people