What's it like to be a Head of Monitoring & Evaluation of a small charity? Our #empathyexercise


Written by Ines Fonseca on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

Today we will introduce you our fictional Head of Monitoring & Evaluation: Liam.


Introduction: Liam is the Head of Monitoring & Evaluation at a large charity. He has worked as an independent consultant doing monitoring & evaluation projects around the world so is now excited to have a desk job for a while so he can be around for his son.


Daily Routine: He is responsible for designing and implementing adequate surveys on the field, choosing, updating and following up on monitoring tools for projects and adding in new indicators, outputs and outcomes where appropriate to make sure the work they are doing is effective. He coordinates the M&E Department and gives technical and methodological support to the M&E staff.


What frustrates him: Convincing the field staff to collect impact data! They never see it as important. He has tried many ways to make it easy for them but they either send in data late, incomplete, inaccurate (where you can tell they’ve just made it up) or none!


What he loves about his job: Discovering insights in the data and identifying where improvements can be made in a project. On the odd occasion that he is able to step out and do some data collection for himself, he also loves doing beneficiary interviews.


Priorities: Use M&E data to find ways to improve the quality of the projects and help the organisation to move forward.


Hopes: He hopes to find an easier way to get his staff to collect the information accurately and efficiently.


Fears: He is afraid of what will happen if staff don’t collect the information he needs to keep improving the quality of the projects and the organisation as a whole. Funders tend to need it in their reports. He’s worried his role could be jeopardised if data isn’t collected.


How does the Impact Tracker help? It makes it easier for your field staff to collect the data. All they need to do is add the information to the Impact Tracker easily and quickly and it all syncs to Liam’s screen! He can spot what isn’t working way ahead of when he used to be able to. Say goodbye to late, incomplete, inaccurate data! Welcome in real-time feedback and iteration.


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