Engineers Without Borders Case Study


Written by Katy Fuller on Tuesday, October 03th, 2017

Recently we’ve been working with Engineers without Borders UK, they mobilise engineering students and graduates to volunteer around the world.

These lucky students work on projects that create, maintain and rethink essential infrastructure that improves lives all over the world. Engineers Without Borders inspires children in the UK to become engineers and encourages engineering companies to adopt responsible, sustainable business practices.

Although Engineers Without Borders had some of their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) figured out, the management team felt they weren’t taking into account the full breadth of the impact that they’d achieved.

The organisation were unsure as to what level of detail they should display in their KPI’s given their great variety of projects in the UK and overseas.


That’s where Makerble comes in!

We ran Part 2 of the Makerble Impact Exploration Workshop: Turning Your Theory of Change Into Data You Can Measure. You can see what they thought of the workshop here. We overlaid their KPI’s with additional impact metrics that were appropriate to each programme of work. Finally, we created a data plan showing which teams should be responsible for collecting which bits of data and how they would do this.

Now Engineers Without Borders UK have a unified Theory of Change which shows the organisations strategy for impact. Moreover it shows how each individual programme contributes to achieving that impact. The team has said they are now more confident in their ability to clearly articular their impact to funders.



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