Corporate Volunteering User Case


Written by Katy Fuller on Wednesday, November 08th, 2017


  • Liberty Bank is a bank that encourages staff to volunteer

  • Staff volunteer with local projects but increasingly with social enterprises, schools and other volunteering opportunities that the staff discover

  • Of the 100,000 staff across the bank, 30,000 have volunteered once in the last year

  • There are hundreds of volunteering opportunities that staff have taken part in

  • Problem: the data captured about volunteering is limited to the number of hours volunteered and equivalent financial value

  • Problem: the Citizenship team is struggling to increase involvement in volunteering

  • Problem: staff don’t understand the difference that their volunteering is making to people’s lives


How their processes used to approach increasing involvement:

How they use Makerble

How employee volunteers used Makerble

  • Makerble is like an instagram for impact

  • Makerble is a fun way for people to log the difference they make in the world

  • It’s accessible unlike spreadsheets, databases, emails, update phone calls; so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing work to use it, it feels like fun

  • It taps into people’s intrinsic motivation for working on the campaign because when they see their personal progress it activates their sense of pride. And when they see their local group’s progress it activates their sense of camaraderie… or even competition.


The Citizenship Team

  • Data captured about volunteering is limited to the number of hours volunteered and equivalent financial value  

  • Citizenship Team struggled to increase staff involvement in volunteering


Meanwhile in Head Office

  • Saving time on chasing people up for their updates

  • Save time on reporting

  • Prevent duplication and coordinate your efforts around campaigning targets

How they got started in 3 easy steps


Financial benefits to the organisation



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