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Written by Samuel Brown on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017


  • Educate Together (ET) are a charity founded in 2012 with headquarters in London.

  • It has been helping the life of children and adults in one of the poorest districts in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • They run 3 projects, one of which is the All4One Seamstress  project which is a new apprenticeship scheme  that supports young women with limited employment opportunities into apprenticeships by matching them with small business owners by giving the sweing skills.

  • Problem: Collecting and reporting data from their workshops

  • Problem: Slow programme redesign by senior management because they would only get this data on a quarterly basis;

  • Problem: Poor accountability of project officer;

  • Problem: Little additional content such as pictures & videos to share with london office;

  • Problem: Slow process.


How their processes used to work


How they used Makerble

Among supporters

  • Makerble’s like an instagram for impact

  • Makerble is a fun way for people to log the difference they make in the world

  • It’s accessible unlike spreadsheets, databases, emails, update phone calls; so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing work to use it, it feels like fun

  • It taps into people’s intrinsic motivation for working on the campaign because when they see their personal progress it activates their sense of pride. And when they see their local group’s progress it activates their sense of camaraderi or even competition.


The local team in Johannesburg 

Meanwhile in Head Office in London 

  • Collect information in real time.

  • Save time on reporting

  • Prevent duplication and coordinate your efforts around campaigning targets



How they got started in 3 easy steps

Financial benefit to the organisation






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