Case Study: The Makerble Journey with Sutton CVS

Ryan opila

Written by Ryan Opila on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (SCVS) is a membership organisation that supports, develops and promotes the voluntary sector in the London borough of Sutton. They provide services for around 300 voluntary and community groups of varying size and scope.

CEO Alison Navarro first became involved with Makerble last year because she was frustrated with “clunky” impact measurement frameworks. At the time, their processes didn’t provide the ability to fully tell the inspiring stories of their impact, and their inflexible metrics made it difficult for the charity to effectively report on the true differences they were making on a daily basis.

Alison approached Makerble with the desire to develop a framework that suited SCVS’s specific needs. She wanted to organise the multitude of projects that the charity was involved in across the borough and capture the impact of this vast array of activities. She also wanted to develop a monitoring system that would generate energy around the projects that SCVS was involved in and allow charity members to engage with the impact they were contributing towards.

And that’s what we did - providing a platform to track all of SCVS’s impact in one place. Alison is now able to evaluate impact across all the charity’s projects, ranging from the services provided to small, volunteer-led community initiatives up to the support offered to large, multi-tiered organisations.



They’ve been using the Makerble Impact Tracker to demonstrate how small comments can actually lead to big change! Alison has found Makerble to be especially useful in meetings in demonstrating the charity’s real-time impact. She’s appreciated how easy the Impact Tracker makes it to circulate new information about the charity’s impact.

One out of every three Sutton residents benefits from voluntary services. In consolidating their monitoring framework, SCVS is now able to better understand and communicate their specific contribution to the community and the nuances of the impact they’re having.

Getting started with Makerble is quite easy. If you’re interested in learning more about how Makerble could help organise and integrate the impact of your charity’s projects, you can click here to sign up for a workshop or a demo. Alternatively, you take a look at our brochure to learn more about what we’re all about.

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